Radicals Online

Radicals Online
Founding date September 2008
Country Gb.png United Kingdom
Team manager Gb.png Rob Cuss
Simulations iRacing
Sick Sideways
Joel Real Timing
Cranfield Simulation
Arma Centrum
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The Radicals Racing Team is an international virtual racing team, founded in September 2008. The history of this team dates back another 4 years to 2005 when many of the current Radicals Drivers were part of the team. During this time the team has grown to prominence and developed as one of the leading virtual racing teams. Many of the original founding members are still part of the team today.

The fundamental goal of the team was to create a group of like minded individuals that have the capability to race “for the love of the sport” and not necessarily to be the fastest at the cost of disrespecting others. A simple belief we still pursue today.

We passionately believe in virtual racing as an extenuation of Real World racing and as more teams and drivers use simulators as training and development tools, this allows for a greater convergence between the virtual and real Worlds in motor racing. The Radicals team are at the forefront of this development with our drivers competing at National and International levels in both karting, single seater racing and endurance saloon classes and AutoX racing. This, combined with our ability to stream drivers as they race LIVE, makes for a fascinating team based perspective not often surpassed in the Virtual sim racing teams.

Whilst racing is fun, you have to have a common goal, ours is simply to WIN. This is all made possible by the support from our brand partners.

Driver Roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Br.png Mogar Filho
Gb.png Mark Fletcher
Be.png Paul Ilbrink
Jp.png Junya Kitaura
Hu.png Laszlo Kotrocz
Gb.png Pawel Ledwon
Gb.png Ryan Littlemore
Se.png Marco Mogren
Jp.png Sota Muto ??/2019
Us.png Nick Ottinger 10/2017
Nl.png Deni Raets
Gb.png Alex Sadler
Gb.png Adam Tierney
Ca.png Zach Thomas
Br.png Daniel Wensing

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Us.png Matt Bussa 10/2017 01/2019 Williams eSports
Be.png Fabrice Cornelis 03/2020 ??/2020
Ie.png Oscar Mangan 10/2017 03/2018
Us.png Wyatt Gooden Vendaval Simracing
Jp.png Kazuki Oomishima Burst Esport
Gb.png Michael Partington Mivano Racing
Jp.png Yuta Saito