Lasse Bak

Lasse Bak
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Birthdate 03 January 2001
Country Dk.png Denmark
Team Williams Esport
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Lasse Villert Bak

All time high iRating: 9479

Current iRating: 9372

Porsche Esport Carrera Cup Denmark (PECCD)

PECCD is the official danish iRacing championship

Season Driver Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Position Points
2021 Lasse Bak Williams Esport Chillblast 1st 1st 39th 8th 1st 9th 9th 2nd 4th 17th 10 2 3rd 1st 1st 30 3rd 1670


Rig & Seat Sim-labs P1X + Pedal slider w/ baseplate + 2x Steering wheel extension 120mm V2 + , Motedis Triple Monitor Mount, RCC MK2 (Sim-performance) + Sparco seat slider
Wheelbase Simucube 2 Pro
Wheelrim Cube Controls CSX 2 (Red)
Pedals Heusinkveld Ultimate 2 Pedal Set
Accessories Logitech G403 + Logitech G710+ + Elgato Stream Deck + Alpinestars Karting Boots + Adidas XLT Karting Gloves (White & Green) + Custom FreeM Spider 2 (RS Competetion) + Alpinestars Tech-1 K Race V2 Gloves (Orange + Blue)
Monitor 3x Asus VG278QF + 1x Philips 24"
Headset Razer Blackshark V2

Lasse started Simracing with a Logitech G27 and drove to 3k irating before switching to a Fanatec CSW V2.5, Fanatec formula Carbon and Fanatec CSL LC pedals. With the fanatec equipment he also used a homebuilt wooden rig. He drove to 7K irating before switching to a direct drive setup. When he switched he had a normal racing seat instead of the RCC seat, an USB converted Fanatec formula Carbon and heusinkveld sprint pedals. He upgraded the seat and steering wheel in april 2020 after winning the danish championship (DERC). He got the Heusinkveld Ultimates as an sponsored gift from Williams Esport in september 2020.

In week 34 2020 Lasse installed an Aircondition in his room because it was too hot to drive the whole day and his PC was overheating. The aircondition he got was a Russell Hobbs - 10000BTU Portable Aircon

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Lasse v bak rig 2.jpg